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About Angela Pellegrino

Enhanced Skin Vitality

What once was a dream became reality when Enhanced Skin Vitality opened in April 2022. Born and raised in Yonkers, NY Became passionate about skincare her whole life. Growing up you could find Angela in the bathroom for an hour and half really emphasizing and taking the time to do her nightly skincare routine. When she tells you she was fascinated with a new product that just came out or new serum she would be the first person that would buy anything that would help with acne or antiaging. Heavily influenced by her sister in law, Dana, with skincare has been helping me with skincare. I remember being her model when she was going through aesthetics school, always interested in the latest beauty trend. If it was beneficial for your skin, Angela was all in. During her adult years, Angela went through a serious case of hormonal acne, that caused insecurities. Even having all the knowledge that she had about skin, she knew she didn’t need to go to school to learn how to fix her skin, she it was her passion. Her passion grew during the daunting time in her life. School taught her, not only the science and structure of the skin but it gave her a lot of experience because of the increased ability to learn other skins. She was always reluctant to take her own advice that she would give other and watch them have wonderful results.  

Would always experiment on herself because she was always desperate to kill the acne and put it to rest. ESV was opened while still suffering from acne. I was unsure people would trust me because of my acne. As curating ESV, Angela interviewed all the different companies learning all about their equipment. Been told I won’t always be able to work with my hands. My hands have allowed me to build trust, confidence, results. I will always offer Angela’s Signature Facial for this reason. 

I’ve met so many clients that I hold close to me. As I continue to watch them become happier and see the results with their skin. They will see me continue to grow to attain my personal goals. 

Laser Hair Removal attracted me to the estheitcs world because it is something I’ve always done. I definitely think everyone should consider LHR because of it has so many lifestyle perks such as conserve water, save money on razors, ingrown hairs, ready to go to the beach without all the prep.

Enhanced Skin Vitality
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